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  • Features: Designed and built with the new technology of IR Auto Scanning, this hidden camera detector can scan auto IR night vision cameras in the dark environment. The?upgraded?product?has?a more sensitive magnetic sensor chip, which can?identify the strength of the magnetic field to accurately locate any?suspicious object.
    Portable & Lightweight & Easy to use: this counter surveillance equipment of compact size and lightweight make it easy to take on your travels, this bug detector & camera finder that comes with straightforward, detailed step-by-step and easy-to-follow operating instructions. Even a novice can learn to use our detector very quickly. Sweeping bugging devices using our detector and camera finder is quick and easy.
  • Widely Application: this anti spy detector can scan bugs?devices?and protect your personal privacy or business security, and it can be widely used to scan these areas of high risk£ºprivate home, hotel?rooms, office?rooms, conference rooms, dorms, public fitting rooms, public restrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, rented houses, vacation rentals, AirBnBs. or as a daily used scanner prevent being photographed, shooting videos and monitor magnetic field signal.

Privacy Protection Expert

We launched this Updated Anti Spy Detector for the needs of efficiently, easily and quickly finding and locating bug devices. It is 5-in-1 device of RF Signal Detector, Magnetic Field Detector,Infrared Auto scanning in the dark, Torch/Flashlight , Laser Hidden Camera Lens Detector.

It is pretty simple to use and comes with easy-to-read step-by-step instructions, works out of box. It enables you to search for hidden cameras, unwanted GPS trackers, and audio bugs on your own without spending much time and money to hire professionals. Our K19+ wireless bug detector & counter surveillance equipment makes it possible that everyone can be your own privacy protector.

Even though bug devices has become more and more readily to get, and pinhole cameras can be easily hidden in everyday objects, GPS trackers can be installed easily on the vehicles, microphones are tiny and in miniature size, lurking around, monitoring your activities, listening in on your private conversations or business secrets, following up your movement without your knowledge, but don't be afraid anymore, our Updated K19+ RF detector & camera finder helps you sweep them out, bring you back the peace of mind and feel of safety.

Our Updated wireless bug detector & camera finder works to sweep hidden cameras, audio bugs, microphones, unwanted GPS trackers, typically in these areas such as hotel rooms, locker rooms, bed rooms, conference rooms, AirBnBs, vehicles etc. for purpose of anti spy, anti eavesdropping, anti sneak shot and anti tracking.

Updated AI Smart Clip for hidden device detector

Add New Features
1.Use high-performance smart chips to make products performance more reliable and reduce less false signal alarms.

2. Add infrared auto scanning function, it can scan automatically the infrared devices in the dark. such as infrared hidden camera devices at night.

3.Upgraded magnetic field detection function, it uses a highly sensitive magnetic sensor chip, which can sense the strength of the magnetic field and accurately locate the suspicious device.



  • 1*main anti spy detector
  • 1* RF Antenna
  • 1* GS Probe for Magnetic Field Detection
  • 1* USB Charging cable
  • 1* User Maunal


Main Features

RF Signal Detector

In RF Signal Detection mode, it picks up RF signals from the wireless bug devices when they are working, such as wireless audio bugs or eavesdropping devices, wireless hidden cameras, GPS tracking device etc.

It automatically alarms with continuous beeping or vibration when it is very near the RF source.

Then turning down the sensitivity to narrow the detecting field to pinpoint and locate the RF source quickly and precisely.

Magnetic Field Detection

GPS trackers are usually powered by a battery, to save power, it will be in long "sleeping" mode without any transmission, typically when vehicle stands still without moving.

Fortunately, most of GPS trackers are magnetic ones which can be magnetically installed on vehicles easily.

So, we add Magnetic Field Detection on the detector to help find and locate magnetic GPS trackers (both the working ones and the on-standby-mode ones).

Anti Spy Infrared Detector

This automatic infrared detector can scan automatically the infrared devices in the dark. such as infrared hidden camera devices at night.

Notes: If you turn on this infrared detection function during the day, the device will always alarm because there are infrared rays in natural light during the day.

Hidden Camera Lense Laser Detector

Designed with new advanced technology of

Laser Scanning, this hidden camera Detector makes it easy and quick to scan and spot the hidden camera lens by a visual inspection using the Camera Lens Finder mode.

It can help you spot the hidden cameras on a quick visual scan, regardless whether the camera is working or on standby mode, wired or wireless, even a tiny one hidden in low light.

Night Light Function

To be more considerate, we add the feature of torch&flashlight on our K19+ bug detector, which works for illumination needs or for emergency needs.

The searchlight on the top of GS Probe is bright enough, For example, in a narrow space, lighting function is needed, The GS Probe can be folded at any angle to provide lighting function.

Flashlight Function

The torch&flashlight locates on the back of the detector, There are two larger LED lights.

you can use the illumination in case of urgent.

Alarm Mode

Two alarm mode: Sound Alarm and Vibration Alarm.

It depends on your application environment or personal hobbies.

Color and icon identification

Different colors indicate different levels of danger.

Different functions display different icons for easy distinction.

The signal strength indicators can visually display the signal strength.

High-Performence Security Chip

High-performence Security Chip make sure the stability of performance,reduce the false positive rate. it automatically detect and analyze the signals in the surrounding, and automatically alarm with beeping or vibration when it confirms suspicious signals are present nearby.

Application Scenarios

Detect Security Weakness and Hazards,TSCM solution

The increasingly widely used covert surveillance devices like hidden pinhole cameras, wireless eavesdropping devices, and covert GPS trackers etc,our privacy and security is at high risk of being violated. To have peace of mind, conduct bug sweeping using our bug detector bug sweeper on regular basis.

  • Private home. Use our detector to scan your home to make sure no unknown sneak shot or wiretapping.
  • Hotel and AirBnB. Don’t be a victim of stealthy photographing or wiretapping. Use our detector to scan them out.
  • Dressing room or washroom. To protect your privacy well, use our detector to scan the possible pinhole cameras planted.
  • Business conference or con-calls. To avoid business confidential being disclosed, scan the meeting room with our detector before or in the course of meeting.
  • Vehicles. Your vehicle is possibly installed with GPS tracker by the sneak without you ever knowing it.
  • Anywhere or anytime if you feel distrusted about the surroundings, use our detector to avoid any possible prying ears or peeping eyes.
  • Protect you and your family members from excessive electromagnetic radiation.Our detector will tell how far away you need to stay away from the working electromagnetic devices.


  1. Does what I need it to do!
    logistics Timeliness
    This product does what it states. Very cool that it has a vibrating mode rather than sound if you need for discrete searching. Be patient and it will lead you to whatever it is you may be looking for. Great product.

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