Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait

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  • Five classic colors with, to adapt to the lakes, rivers, seas and other different waters,
  • 4.05inch, 0.63oz adapt to middle size and big size fish school. Great for piers and shore and everything in between
  • High carbon steel treble hook, increases the fishing rate by 30%.
    3D eyes make it perfect tool for fishing lovers. Colorful body, lifelike and rapid action in water can make it easy to catch fish.
  • Gravity shift steel balls in the body, shift to the tail at casting, enhance casting distance.
  • Equipped with the dead flying center of gravity transfer system, the stability and wind breaking ability of the throw throw are significantly improved, and the distance is ultra-long.

Catches fish, any where, any time, every time

has a unique profile and perfect balance which create an action unmatched by any other lure on the market!
The Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait is a tournament level suspending hard bait that has a tight wiggle action when fished with a straight retrieve. This flat sided bait, when fished in a twitch-pause-retrieve style, produces an erratic action that gamefish find irresistible. This bait will jump 180 or more when twitched and has unique injured bait fish action unlike anything else on the market. The molded in pectoral fins add to the lifelike appearance of this bait which produces incredible reaction strikes. This particular version is 2-3/4” in size, imitating a smaller injured baitfish, which some anglers refer to as a “Bite-Starter”. 

Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait is the perfect choice for a wide range of freshwater and inshore saltwater gamefish!

Inshore Saltwater
The Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait is favorite of inshore saltwater anglers for Snook, Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel and more. The profile of the 2-3/4" size mirrors small pilchards, peanut bunker or small threadfin herring and the profile of the 4" size perfectly matches a finger mullet or sardine. There are great all around colors like Prism Ghost Shad and Prism Ayu to go along with the colors designed for the saltwater like Peanut Bunker, Mullet and Red Head.

Largemouth Bass
The Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait is very effective on Largemouth Bass, especially when the prey is a smaller profile. The 2-3/4" size is perfect choice for shallow water, around smaller shad and when the bite is tough. The 4" size works great in slightly deeper water (4ft-12ft) for working around docks, laydowns and grass edges. There are some great all around colors like Prism Black Silver to go with the colors designed for Largemouth like Prism Tennessee Shad and the painted Bluegill pattern.

Peacock Bass and other exotics
 Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait is an exceptional choice for fishing in South Florida or outside the country for Peacock Bass and other Cichlids. The extreme erratic darting action of the Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait drives them crazy, resulting aggressive pursuits and strikes. The smaller size matches the profile of the small shad, shiners and baby cichlids that Peacock Bass are feeding on. There are some great color choices including Gold Black and Aurora Chartreuse.

Smallmouth Bass
Whether your fishing big water lakes or a river system with moving water, the Submersible pencil Minoan far throw lua bait is a great choice for targeting trophy Smallmouth Bass. The 4 inch size features a diamond shaped lip that allows it to dig down on the twitch and rest with a head down posture of an injured baitfish on the pause. Very effective working break walls or flats with boulders on lakes and for working around points, laydowns and eddies in rivers.

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